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HVAC Upcoming Incentives

Many homeowners are suffering through the current economy. When you’re trying to save
money, you’re more likely to opt for a repair to your HVAC system than an actual replacement. A
new HVAC system is a large expense that can make you cringe at the thought.

Good news is on the horizon, though, and you can save money through federal tax credits,
which we know you’ll love.

The quick version of the opportunity is Washington wants homeowners to shift away from other
fuels, such as gas or oil, to electricity and to replace low-efficiency electric systems with the
highest-efficiency systems available. A long-term replacement will be a better option than a
short-term repair, and the savings will be significant for you.

The Feds have changed the well-known SEER efficiency calculation to SEER2 to better reflect
the new equipment and manufacturers are currently building and stocking the new product.

The 25(C) Federal tax credit handled by the EPA’s Energy Star initiative has been expanded to
offer up to $3,200 in tax credits to offset the cost of the higher-efficiency equipment. As an
example, a dual fuel system with a 16 SEER2 heat pump combined with a 97 percent efficient
furnace qualifies for up to $2,600 off a homeowner’s tax liability.

This tax credit is available year after year for energy-efficiency-minded homeowners like you
who continue to make energy-efficiency improvements. Additionally, your utility company may
match or exceed the federal standard, decreasing your cost.

You’ll get an improved HVAC system for less money, which will make you very happy, especially
when you determine that your power bill may improve with the new equipment.

The new program is a great opportunity for you to get some much-needed upgrades to your
HVAC efficiency and save money that you can spend elsewhere.

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