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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Services In Fort Walton Beach

A Full Range Of Refrigeration Services

Whether you need to keep food at safe temperatures, store temperature-sensitive materials, or sell refrigerated or frozen goods, a reliable commercial Cooler/freezer system is an essential part of your business. With our partnerships with trusted brands like Bison Refrigeration and Spartan Ice Machines, Executive Air Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration has all the products and services your business needs. No matter what equipment you need installed or service, our Fort Walton Beach commercial refrigeration technicians will help you select, install, and maintain top-quality models from industry-leading brands to ensure that your business has all the modern, innovative tools you need to succeed.

  • Walk-In installation
  • Walk-In repairs
  • Walk-In maintenance
  • Reach-in installation
  • Reach-in repair
  • Reach-in maintenance
  • Ice Machines
  • All hot and cold kitchen equipment
  • And more!

Putting Our Experience To Work For You

With over a decade of experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, Executive Air Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration knows what it takes to build a freezer and cooler system that you can count on. From walk-ins to grab-and-go stations, we’ve worked with every kind of commercial setup there is, and we can help you build, maintain, and repair everything your business needs. We’ve been recognized by multiple manufacturers, including Copper Beech, for our work with commercial refrigeration, freezing, and kitchen appliances, so you can trust that we know how to get your equipment back in shape, no matter the make and model.

Signs You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Running a business has a lot of responsibilities. If your business needs and uses a commercial cooler or freezer, it’s imperative that the fridge stays working in order for your business to continue to run at 100% efficiency. In order to avoid the nightmare scenario of your fridge going out, we have provided you with 3 signs to look for so that you never have to deal with that situation.

  • Ice On The Exterior – One of the first clear signs of a problem with your commercial cooler or freezer is when their is ice on the exterior of the fridge. One place to check for this ice is on the freezer door, the evaporator coils or even the inside of the fridge itself.
  • Door Issues – Have you noticed that the cooler or freezer door doesn’t seem to be closing or sealing the correct way? If this happens, the inside of the freezer or fridge could get too warm inside and spoil whatever you are trying to keep cool. As soon as you notice your door giving you trouble, contact us to send one of our professional technicians to check it out.
  • Age Of Cooler or Freezer – If your commercial fridge is over 15 years old, it’s most likely at the end of it’s lifespan and going to give you more problems the older it gets. Unfortunately, these units are not meant to last forever, so make sure to keep an eye on the age of your commercial cooler or freezer and plan accordingly.

When To Replace Your Commercial Cooler or Freezer

Knowing if your cooler or freezer needs repair or replacement can be hard to differentiate from. Eventually big item kitchen essentials can succumb to the normal wear and tear of everyday use and need to be replaced. Below you’ll find a few signs to look for on when the best time to replace your commercial cooler or freezer is.

  • Frost Buildup– If you notice frost buildup around your cooler or freezer, it means that the cooling is not working properly. A broken cooler or freezer can result in a loss of business, which is never good. If you find yourself constantly needing to have a repairman out to fix your cooler or freezer, it may be time to replace the unit.
  • Water Puddles Outside of cooler or freezer – Puddles inside or outside of the cooler or freezer is usually due to an evaporator pan that is full or even a clogged drainage hose. If all of the parts that would normally cause puddles are in good working condition, it may be the entire unit that needs to be replaced.
  • Food Spoils Often – Have you found the food in your cooler or freezer doesn’t seem to keep food from spoiling? It could be a problem with the compressor not running, which is part of what keeps the cooler or freezer cold inside. Contact us today for our expert commercial cooler or freezer services.

We Stand By Our Work

Our products, work, and service are all backed by manufacturer warranties and our own personal guarantees. We believe in getting the job done right the first time, and with our extensively trained and fully licensed team, we live up to that standard every day. If your commercial refrigeration system is still malfunctioning after we leave, you can count on us to return and make things right. And if your machines break down shortly after installation, we’ll stand by all manufacturer warranties and guarantees. We know that your business can’t afford the unnecessary delays that come with incomplete repairs and broken equipment, so we make it our mission to get you back on your feet fast.

Contact Executive Air Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration online or call our office at 850-502-6616 to schedule your appointment for commercial refrigeration services in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and beyond. We offer same-day service for all emergency scenarios and free proposals for all equipment installations and replacements!