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Will Your AC Last in This Heat?

Everyone wants to know if the heat will ever end and will my AC be able to handle it. It’s August, and it
seems to get hotter with each passing day. Are you cool enough? Is your AC providing you with the
comfort level you desire?
If you’re having doubts, or if your AC can’t seem to keep up with the heat, you may need to have your
AC serviced before it goes out completely. Contact Executive Air LLC ASAP to have your AC checked. One
of our trained service techs will check the unit inside and out to ensure it’s in the best working order. If
repairs are needed, those can be handled easily.
If you need a new unit, the service tech will discuss that with you and answer all your questions. We’re
professional, dependable and trustworthy, so give Executive Air a call to set up an appointment that fits
your needs.
Don’t delay if you think your AC isn’t performing as well as you’d like. You don’t want it to quit on one of
these hot, hot days.