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Save Energy in the Fall

Executive Air uses top of the line Air Conditioning Repair productsFall is finally upon us on the Emerald Coast, and with it comes cooler weather throughout the day and night. Something we all wait eagerly for after every Summer.

With the air getting cooler, now is the perfect time to change your thermostat settings so your unit runs less. By increasing the temperature on your thermostat, you can save between six and eight percent, per degree, on your energy bill.

During the day, let the fresh air in! Be sure to turn your air conditioner off or increase the temperature so it will not run while the windows and doors are open.

In the next few weeks, you may switch to warming your home during the night. If it smells like something is burning, don’t panic! The first time we run the heat in the fall or winter, your unit is essentially burning off the dust that has settled throughout the spring and summer months.

By changing the direction of your ceiling fans, you will be cutting down on the heating costs. Reversing your ceiling fan pulls the cooler air up and forces the warmer air towards walls and down. into your living space.

Executive Air offers programmable thermostats, and warranties on all parts and labor. If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, give us a call at 850.502.6616.