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Routine Spring Maintenance

Late April or Early May are perfect times to make sure your air conditioning is running perfectly for the coming summer season.

Filters should be replaced every month to allow air to flow dust and debris free. If you do not use an air filter, your unit will fill with dirt and eventually the duct system will be damaged.

Clean the drain once a month. Add a 1 cup, 50/50 ratio, of bleach and water to the air conditioner drain once a month. Adding this mixture to the drain can help prevent build-up of algae or blockage. (If you would prefer to avoid the use of bleach, another option is white vinegar a water.)

Remove debris. To clean your outside unit, first turn off the power at the shutoff box or at the circuit breaker. Then, with the brush attachment, vacuum the fins of the condenser. It is important to clear away grass, weeds and any other debris that has built up over the winter season. Finally, open the top grill and clean debris from the interior of the unit and the fan.

If you notice any major issues during the routine spring cleaning of your air conditioner, give Executive Air a call. We offer 24/7 emergency support for all of our residential and commercial customers.

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