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Get an HVAC checkup before you turn the heat on

It sure is nice to be able to turn off the AC and not have to turn on the heat. That’s why this is
the best time of the year to have your HVAC system checked to make sure it provides heat
when colder months get here.
You know your AC ran hard all summer, especially in August when the heat was unbearable for
days on end. Make sure your heat will run well during cold weather. You know it will arrive
sooner or later.
Call Executive Air and make an appointment for an HVAC inspection now. With the holidays
coming very soon, having the HVAC go out when your house is filled with company isn’t good.
Don’t get caught by surprise. Executive Air is one of the best HVAC companies in the area
because employees are dependable and trustworthy.
While you’re getting your system checked, schedule ductwork cleaning, as well, to get rid of the
dust buildup that happened during the summer. Your allergies will thank you.
We look forward to serving all your HVAC needs.