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Fall is a great time to have your HVAC checked

The blast furnace of summer is gone, and cooler fall weather is on the way. One day soon you won’t
have to use your AC. What a relief that will be.
So now that your AC made it through the summer months, what’s next? This is a great time to have your
HVAC checked before you need to turn the heat on. According to future weather forecasts, Florida will
have a much colder and wetter winter than normal because of El Nino weather conditions.
You may think it’s worse to have your AC go out than to have your heat go out, but neither situation is
ideal. You can take off just so many clothes when hot, and you can layer on just so many sweatshirts and
pants, along with several jackets, when you’re cold. Do you really want to go to that extreme if you
don’t have to.
Go ahead and call Executive Air LLC now to schedule a check of your HVAC unit before cold weather
catches you by surprise. It may be a few months, but cold weather will definitely be here.
Executive Air service techs are professional, dependable and trustworthy. They’ll give your HVAC a
thorough checkup and answer any questions you may have.