Summer HVAC Tips

Have you experienced increased energy bills this summer? You shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to beat the Florida heat.

Replacing an Old Unit: When you replace an older unit with an energy efficient make and model, you’ll notice your home is cooling faster and the unit is not running for extended periods of time.

Programmable Thermostat: With a programmable thermostat, you can rest assured your HVAC unit is not running excessively while you’re away. Simply set your schedule and go! Additionally, some programmable thermostats have apps that allow you to check and adjust the temperature with ease.

Change Air Filters: Set a schedule for replacing your HVAC filters. Old air filters will have build-up of debris, including dirt, pet hair, dust, etc. Replacing your air filter will allow air to flow correctly.

Remove Debris: It is important to ensure your exterior unit is clear of debris, including tree limbs, leaves, weeds, dirt build-up, etc. Periodically check your exterior unit throughout the year and remove any materials that may cause your unit to work overtime.

Ceiling Fans: During the summer, your ceiling fan should rotate in a counterclockwise direction, creating a cooling airflow throughout your room.

With these tips from Executive Air, you’ll see a change in your energy bills throughout the summer season. If you’re experiencing HVAC issues, call (850) 220-2001 to schedule your tune-up today!